The Gay Big Day

We have all heard the news by now: same-sex marriage is finally legal in all fifty states.  For those who have been waiting for this fundamental freedom, this is cause for celebration (pun intended)!  We believe that love comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders, and being able to fully express that love through marriage is a great victory for the LGBTQ community.

After the BIG question has been asked and answered with an infinite yes, the next question on our minds is “what to wear?”  Here are some pointers and ideas for the wardrobe when it comes to same-sex weddings.

We always say that your wedding day should be a reflection of your personalities, and the attire definitely follows suit.  Yes, two females can both wear dresses, or they can both wear suits.  If one partner likes to get all dolled up and the other is more of a tomboy, that is perfectly fine.  

For gentlemen, two of the same suits in different colors is a great idea. However, the grooms may each have unique senses of style as well, which calls for two completely different looks.

Tying in some of the same colors, or a pop of the same color, is a great way to complement each other without stealing the other’s thunder.

What we are trying to say without actually saying it, is that anything goes.  Do what feels right for your relationship.  Be true to exactly who you are, and the love is sure to shine right through.