The Cool Kids

In the world of weddings, there are always new kids at the cafeteria table.  They come as quickly as they go, leaving a trail of hashtags and photo booths.  While one trend passes, another replaces it, and we find ourselves trying to predict what’s next. 

Here is our list of five upcoming wedding trends for the year 2016.

1.  Rustic Vintage to Detailed Elegance

Rustic vintage weddings have been on trend for a while now.  While we love the doilies, burlap, and mason jars, we predict a return to understated elegance.  Everything will revolve around intricate and romantic designs with lots of feminine touches and soft light.  

2.  Signature Cocktails to Champagne Bars

It seems like every wedding we have attended or planned lately has featured signature beverages in honor of the bride and groom.  We think that new experiences like champagne bars will be taking main stage in 2016.  Add fresh juice and berries for a wow factor, and this can even double as the wedding favor!


3.  Posed Photos to Organic Love

Photography is always front of mind when it comes to the big day.  After all, how else will you explain to your children how fabulous your shoes were, or be able to look back on that magical first look?  Instead of the traditional posed photos, we foresee candid pictures with lots of laughter, tears, emotion, and character.  If this is your thing, have your Wedding Planner recommend a Lifestyle Wedding Photographer.

4.  A Lot Less Cake, for Goodness' Sake

There are not many things we love more than cake.  Let's face it though: our mothers had cake.  Their mothers had cake.  There were cakes stacked on top of cakes.  There were flowers in between cake.  (Is there such a thing as too much cake??)  Make room for fun bite sized or personal desserts like mini pies, donuts and macarons.  And the cakes we do see will be a lot more modern and Art Noveau than we have become accustomed to.

5.  Kale, Kale Where Art Thou

Everyone craves a great meal at a wedding.  Petit filet, smashed garlic potatoes, cream of broccoli soup with caramelized bacon.  We believe that less conventional items will join our savory friends on the menu.  Think kale, seaweed salad, edamame, and quinoa (just please don't pronounce it "queen-oh").

What do you think?  Do you have any predictions of which wedding trends will be in or out next year?  Leave us a comment below!