Bridesmaid Blues

Sometimes they’re pink and poofy.  Red and silky.  Bright green and tacky.  Taffeta, chiffon, satin, a-line, fitted, and babydoll.  We are talking about bridesmaid dresses.  You know, the five of them that are sitting in your closet, collecting dust right this second.  The ones you guiltily want to donate to Goodwill but can’t bring yourself to do because of some unspoken loyalty to the brides of weddings past.  

What if there were a better solution, though?  A way to wear the dress once and never have to look at it again.  After all, nothing should be taking up extra space in your sacred closet; that’s prime real estate right there.

We introduce to you Union Station, a site that makes it possible (and simple) to rent bridesmaid dresses.  The process begins three months prior to the wedding for full availability.  If you are searching for dresses last minute, this option is available, but you are limited to the dresses in stock at the time.  

Order up to three fabric swatches for free and once the bride chooses her favorite frock, she can register the bridal party.  Now for the best part: they will take it from there.  From making sure that each maid gets the correct size, to keeping them on schedule to get their dresses two weeks before the big day.  

Union Station will even send a free backup size, so you can decide what looks and feels best on your body.  When the celebration of love has come and gone, you simply put the dresses in their prepaid packaging and send them back.  They will even handle the dry cleaning for you.

We love problem solving, and when it comes to bridesmaid dresses, consider this problem solved.  Cheers to freedom from the bridesmaid blues!  And Union Station, thanks for being so awesome.