Wedding Wardrobe

The Save the Date arrives in the mail and you dutifully post it on the refrigerator with a magnet, knowing that the wedding is still ages away.  A few months later the invitation is sent, and you begin to panic a little bit.  In the weeks that follow, you go back and forth between surfing Rent the Runway, unsuccessful trips to the mall, gobbling down entire pints of rocky road ice cream, and begging your best friend to attend the wedding disguised as you.

Don’t panic!  Here is our complete guide for guests: What to Wear to Weddings.

1.  Refer to the Invitation

Does it say black tie?  Casual summer barbecue?  Rustic elegance?  If this is not explicitly stated on the invites, look for clues in the style of the stationary.  More glamorous paper probably means a fancier wedding, while burlap and doilies allude to something more simple in nature.

2.  Black Tie Confusion

“Black tie”, “Black tie optional” or “formal reception” may seem a bit perplexing.  The latter statement means that men must wear a solid black tuxedo or suit with a bow tie.  'Optional' allows men to wear a tuxedo with a bow tie, or a suit, if they do not own or wish to wear a tuxedo.  For the ladies, a full-length gown or cocktail dress is appropriate.  Formal reception essentially means the same as black tie optional.

3.  Bridal Party Bewilderment

When we attend weddings, we ask what the bridal party colors are beforehand.  The last thing we want is to show up in a lavender chiffon gown and unknowingly become one of the bridesmaids.  With so many colors to choose from, we think it is in good taste to wear a color that the bridal party is not donning already.

4.  Save the Club Attire for Vegas

Looking and feeling great at weddings are a must, but not at the cost of embarrassing the bride and groom.  Revealing dresses and too-short hems are two styles to avoid at weddings.  Stick with something classy and beautiful.

5.  No White Allowed

Unless you happen to be the bride, you should never wear white to a wedding.  Allow this to be the bride’s special day, and avoid being mistakenly congratulated by strangers.

There you have it, our simple wedding attire guide.  Do you have any tips on how to dress for weddings?