Summer Weddings

The sun is hot, the drinks are cold, and the pool is sparkling, beckoning you with every glimmer.  Summer has arrived, and it’s easy to see why everyone loves the season so much. While backyard barbecues and weekend getaways fill the calendar, the summer season is also a very popular time to wed (not so much here in blistering Phoenix, though).

Here are some ideas for those of you who are planning your wedding during these fun-filled months.

1  Get Creative

Summer is a playful season, and your wedding should reflect that.  If you would like to provide lawn games for your guests, come up with a signature margarita for them to drink, or incorporate beach balls into the big day, now is the perfect time.  Incorporating different types of summer fruit like berries, watermelon, and lemons is another great idea.  Be open-minded and tie it all back into the overall wedding theme.

2  Be Colorful

Add bright colors into bouquets, wedding favors, and even the cake.  Bright hues like yellow and orange can create a joyous and enthusiastic vibe.   

3  The Little White Dress

Since the weather is warmer, your dress can be shorter!  If you are a daring or fashion-forward bride, this trend may be the one for you.  The abundance of designers making short dresses means that you have a large selection to choose from.

4  Fan It Out

Provide your guests with fans so that they can keep cool while enjoying the ceremony then dancing the night away later.  These can also double as programs or menus to consolidate some of the cost.

5  Hydration Station

The last thing you want is Aunt Thelma passing out due to dehydration.  Provide bottled water for guests with a customized label, or serve fruit-infused water out of a clear glass dispenser to add a touch of chic.