Primp & Perfect

I always laugh at how fast my hubby can get ready.  Forget a shower and being out the door; that man can pack an entire suitcase in just over a minute.  (Cut to me spending two hours in my walk-in closet, after at least sixty minutes perusing my favorite fashion blogs, and three hours of shopping the day before).

It’s not a secret that men are able to get ready in the time it takes the ladies to curl our eyelashes.  That fact is never more apparent than on the wedding day, though.  As a Planner, I am able to move back and forth between the bride and groom during the wedding day and see both perspectives.  Here is exactly what it looks like.

the groom:

He’s having a few Stella Artois with his buddies, all suited up and buttoned down.  This day began the way another other day does, except that he rolled out of bed, grabbed his bags, and checked in at a swanky hotel.  By the time the ceremony rolls around (depending on the group of men, of course), you better believe that the groom and his party each have at least a couple drinks in them.  I’m all for celebrating, as long as nobody gets out of hand; especially this early in the day.


the bride:

Hair began at 8am, makeup commences at 9:30, and there are seven bridesmaids and a flower girl sitting around gossiping and giggling with each other.  There are curling irons and tubes of bright red lipstick, rolling laughter and pretty french lace undergarments.  A pillow fight may even spontaneously ensue.  As far as these women are concerned, this day is what dreams are made of.  And they’re absolutely right.  

A few glasses clink in the background, a bellini toast to the bride and groom.  At the end of the night, the bowties come off.  Pretty flower crowns are set down on the dresser, never to be donned once again.  For tomorrow, you will face the world as Mr. and Mrs., without all the poofy dresses and towering centerpieces.  And so it begins...